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By Wanderlei Celestino - Ambassador of Human Rights.

A sympathetic act is divine, and a joint life would be a Godly life, blessed by the Supreme Being : God through his angels : Communication beings between God and men, could then this a caring life be blessed by God through his angels, to the angels , crystal angels?
CRYSTAL ANGELS, is the title of a book written by Regina Esposito, a woman, mother, grandmother, and above all, a tireless warrior and winning, winning in life, and who shares the suffering of others, proposing to mitigate it , starting from his own life, pain and suffering innate.

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Regina, as well as approximately 11 million people in Brazil, and 45 million worldwide are CRYSTAL ANGELS - people who suffer from a congenital disease popularly known as "glass bones", which properly is called: Osteogenesis Imperfecta - incurable disease, where the bones are broken virtually alone, with minimal effort, as if they were really glass.


This is due to a genetic alteration in chromosomes, which causes the body does not produce enough collagen and elastin to the strengthening of bones, leaving the impossibly fragile, very, very fragile.

Regina has suffered 88 fractures and underwent 23 corrective surgeries, you remember, because the fractures were longer.

She told us that accompanies cases where babies had their still broken bones in the womb, and were born up to 10 fractures, "after breaking born arm, leg, collarbone, is a pain, horror absurd" reports thrilled.

"Despite the severity of this disease is almost unknown, and many parents hide their children, embarrassed," he says, so she decided to tell her life, her pain, her story on a blog, then a book, so as to help spread the disease, and especially to teach parents how to alleviate the suffering of children affected by it.

 It teaches how parents should act with their children, how to look at the time a fracture occurs, in addition to the basic care of the day to day, which are always delicate. We ask: - Dona Regina bones are very, very weak? "Yes," she replied, "I have fractures to sleeping, a simple hug can fracture these our fragile bones." Complete.

After 7 years giving all kinds of assistance to HI patients, the blog and the book , Dona Regina decided , for creating BENEFIT ASSOCIATION CRYSTAL Angels in November 2015 with the mission to help HI of sick or any type of disability and family who are going through difficult times .

"We help at all, and everything . Sometimes something for you may not be anything to us can be everything all right, receive and donate every day: food, milk , medicine , braces , crutches , bath wheelchairs, diapers - including geriatrics , toys clothing, bedding, bath and table linens , shoes, etc ... I need help to help, " says Dona Regina. 

"We have no government assistance, federal, state or municipal, the city of São Paulo, requires three years of legal existence of the Association to get help! We can not wait, we have mothers who are three years waiting for a wheelchair City Hall from November to date have donated 15 seats, the sick can not wait, there is no waiting in pain, suffering, both are ruthless, we must go the fight, their needs were yesterday, tomorrow may be late, too late, "She laments.

 "We keep with the donations of friends and friends of friends, in a large bountiful stream, so every donation is very welcome, very well received, and very important for many people, many of them extremely needy, our monthly costs verging R $ 3,000.00 to bow with my retirement in the house which was my parents, I do not even bank account "and continues.

"We treat 99 families today: sick and relatives, today received a Itaquera mother, who has four children, is unemployed and came for food, clothes and hygiene products for their children, the situation is serious, very serious, it hurts the heart ... there is no way to close your eyes and pretend it does not happen, it does happen, and is there for all see and sensitize us, show solidarity, help our beloved crystal angels, who feel so much pain throughout their life "is touched.

Treatment in São Paulo, is given by the Holy House of Mercy Hospital das Clinicas, ACD and Hospital São Paulo, many families come from other cities, even states such as Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte, and are hosted in association with all possible care in this universe .

The house needs a total renovation, is a simple but cozy place, she tells us, "the important thing is we welcome those in need without distinction, here we divide everything up to what we eat and what we drink", "I encourage my children to grow up and always say: Study, you may have a disability, the limitation exists, but has willpower, study, win, you can be a doctor, dentist, lawyer ... do as I do, if I were to look to my disability, I would be lying in bed, I would be nothing, nothing that I am much more, we are able to win ... as long as we head for the worst deficiency is the intellectual, who does not think, does not act, who does not acts, does not, who does not live: vegeta, so we must have strong minds, to face reality and to transform our lives into something better, much better.

Congratulations to Ms. Regina Esposito for his sensitive history and life force, your noble cause find souls ready to help in this august and sublime human issue that is urgent at all and immediate support.



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